High Active 79% Vitamin C Booster 21 Day Supply


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Two piece kit containing 21 day supply of individual puffs of paraben and preservative free 79% vitamin C ascorbic acid, Polyquatemium 10, jojoba seed oil, freeze dried to preserve each unit to the highest level before mixed for use. Activation liquid containing distilled water, glycerin 1.5 pentanendiol, sodium lactate and lactobacillus with PH of 5.5  When puff is placed in the provided mixing container or palm, 3 full dropper applications are applied to the puff. When the activator is added, the concentrated serum created is a 3.4 to 3.5 PH level that is patch tested non irritating to sensitive skin.

 Why This Is So Effective

With a PH of 3.4 to 3.5 the serum is able to penetrate deeper than leading competitor’s vitamin c serum. Ascorbic acid (biologically most active vitamin C). The highly concentrated and purity of the Ascorbic acid embedded in the 3D matrix allows higher penetration in all epidermal-dermal layers which is essential for stimulation of collagen synthesis. Ascorbic acid is the closest to natural vitamin C, this is less stable in a liquid. High concentrations cause skin irritations. Since ours is embedded in a 3d matrix and does not contain derivatives so its able to sustain stability and not oxidize.

Outstanding performance due to reservoir effect. The active ingredients in the upper layers that is necessary for long term penetration. The higher the surface concentration the higher the tendency to penetrate deeper into the skin.

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