"Vision Board - Regina Tseikhin", South Florida Business and Wealth March/April Issue

Regina Tseikhin, a Russian-born entrepreneur based in Florida, is the dynamic force behind The Beauty Box. Her journey began with a bedrock of discipline and ethics instilled from birth, which guided her through medical school, igniting a passion of dermatology and skincare. Her fusion of medical expertise with a love for dermatology led to the establishment of the Beauty Box in 2005. One of her strategies involves taking favorite products originally presented a single items and transforming them into sets of three, offering them at discounted prices and packaging them as gifts. Her favorite thing to do is spending time with her...

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Leading Entrepreneur Regina Tseikhin on Her Ever-Growing Success in the Beauty Marketplace - CEOWEEKLY.COM

In the competitive arena of the beauty industry, where innovation and brand loyalty are paramount, Regina Tseikhin stands out as a luminary. With an 18-year tenure that has been marked by foresight, agility, and a profound understanding of market dynamics, Tseikhin’s trajectory is not just inspiring but a case study in how to navigate the complex web of digital commerce and consumer preferences. At the helm of The Beauty Box, she has masterfully crafted a narrative that intertwines technology, brand identity, and customer engagement to create a powerhouse in the beauty marketplace.

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Cosmedica Skincare Hyaluronic Acid Serum

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