"Vision Board - Regina Tseikhin", South Florida Business and Wealth March/April Issue

Regina Tseikhin, a Russian-born entrepreneur based in Florida, is the dynamic force behind The Beauty Box. Her journey began with a bedrock of discipline and ethics instilled from birth, which guided her through medical school, igniting a passion of dermatology and skincare. Her fusion of medical expertise with a love for dermatology led to the establishment of the Beauty Box in 2005. One of her strategies involves taking favorite products originally presented a single items and transforming them into sets of three, offering them at discounted prices and packaging them as gifts. Her favorite thing to do is spending time with her daughter, but she is also a dog mom, too. Her favorite place to travel is Paris and she looks fabulous doing so. She has a fondness for Uchi and Sushi when dining out. Beyond her achievements with The Beauty Box, Tseikhin also found Hello Day, a brand dedicated to providing high-quality, versatile  athleisure for women on the move

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